Colloque REHNAM

(A TRADUIRE)La seconde révolution numérique et le vivre ensemble de demain

Robots in the visible world as well as algorithms in a world much less visible and much more intrusive world are already in motion, reshaping the way we see the world. Have we really realised that? Are we ready for that? Did we have the choice?

Before these questions raised by the current digital revolution, it is time to take ... time…on this day of reflection.

As pointed out in the poster, we are invited to see robots as a supplement to the human being, that allow to implement new forms of solidarity in new worlds, still to be explored (post-human, trans-human,...).

On this day, I particularly enjoyed speeches given by Pierre Giorgini, Dean of the Catholic University of Lille, putting in context the current digital revolution and François Bourguignon, Professor at the School of Economics on the social-economic challenges of this (r)evolution.

Colloque REHNAM


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