IEEE Summit – Brussels – 15th November 2016

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Who does the thinking?

According to the current trend, Artificial Intelligence is already here and it will allow us to reach for the stars. More pragmatically, we already reached for the Moon without it! However, it is evident that more and more programs are intended to help us in our daily lives in addressing our weaknesses (lack of responsiveness, poor memory,..).

Along with large flagship programmes such as autonomous cars we hear about almost daily, and which the extent of the potential impact suggests that a long political and legal work will be necessary to be approved in the public sphere, assistance programs are already there, in our phones, in answering machines, in the embedded electronics in our cars and without us ever actually realising it and without being ever asked for anything!

It is therefore high time to focus on the societal impact of these diverse technologies... and show that regulatory authorities work on the issue through discussions with architects and engineers supposed to shape our future.

This Summit in Brussels was a good opportunity to address these hot topics.

I particularly enjoyed Mady Delvaux’s speech on the tacit approval by a large majority of us to be satisfied with a software component beta version, without forcing the publisher to ensure that the product delivered underwent a correct and sufficient test level, something that is not accepted or hardly accepted when it comes to a concrete product such as a car or an appliance,...

Nikolaos Mavridis repositioned robotic progress to a global level, both for designers and users as well as the societal impact of these technologies. In particular, he emphasised on the power of hybrid systems where the human being plays a major and central role and where the machine is only there to allow this potential to be fully achieved.

IEEE Summit – Brussels – 15th November 2016


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