Advising and training

Everyone talks of digitalisation. What does that really mean?

How to distinguish between pure latest fad and real innovation that might be integrated by your direct competitors? Should we fear a ‘big bang’ or will it be a gradual process? What can be directly and simply applied right now within your company? Can a sustainable integration path to new technology methods be set out?

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Apparently machines learn how to operate on their own!

It’s rather good news, isn’t it? That means more time saved to be dedicated to more exciting topics! But how can we still run these supposedly intelligent machines to learn really useful things?

Everyone tells me that I can just simply store documents in the Cloud. Is this true?

Algorithms for Dummies… No more programming and setup difficulties… algorithms are there to learn alone and without effort. Now it’s so simple that everyone can use them. Still, you need to stand out from others… How to choose the most useful algorithm for you in practice in your daily life?