Using your data

Give meaning to your digital assets - Improve the quality of your data - Enrich your data

Have your figures speak for themselves

You already have a lot of digital data (your customer data files, invoice files, prospect files,...). Now, it’s about using them to stand out from your competitors.

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Using your data
Optimise your deliveries and your commercial procedures

By automatically adding geolocation to your customer data files we can help you optimise your deliveries and increase the performance of your sales agents.

You will also be able set the exact location of your coming event and maximise the impact.

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Enrich your customer records

For your business customers, many sources of public data are now available for free (Carrefour de l’Entreprise,…). By integrating in your management system, you can enrich and automatically complete your customer records.

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Improve the quality of your data

Keep in mind your prospect files and the large number of ‘return to sender’ because of an incorrect the delivery address.

We can improve this situation by integrating for free into your available Internet service management system to check the contact details of your customers and prospects.

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Intelligently index and consolidate your digital assets

Don’t get overwhelmed by your data: keep control.

There is no point to multiply the data sources if they are conflicting. We will help you to filter and federate this knowledge and consolidate it in your digital assets, avoiding redundancy and choosing intelligent indexing.

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